Re: PROBLEM: ACPI 0x0000000000000b00-0x0000000000000b07 SystemIO conflicts with Region \_SB_.PCI0.SBRG.ASOC.SMRG 1 (20120320/utaddress-251)

From: Peter Simons
Date: Fri Sep 14 2012 - 11:45:19 EST

Hi Bjorn,

> The panic is the real problem, not the warning message. It's possible
> that they're related, but certainly not obvious. Can you capture any
> information about the panic with a serial console, netconsole, or
> even a digital photo or movie?

right, I have attached picture of the kernel messages displayed when the
machine crashes. I hope this helps.

> It sounds like this is a regression, so it will be useful to know the
> newest kernel that works correctly and the oldest one that fails.

Yes, I understand why that information would be very helpful.
Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when these errors began to occur. I
cannot easily find out either, because these kernel panics more or less
randomly -- I don't know how to trigger such the event. Sometimes, the
machine works just fine for a day or two, and then it crashes 4 or 5
times in a row for no apparent reason. I'm sorry for not being any more
specific, but I just don't know more.

Take care,

JPEG image