Re: [Intel-gfx] [pull] drm-intel-next

From: Bobby Powers
Date: Fri Sep 14 2012 - 09:55:56 EST

Hi Daniel,

This tree gives me recursive dependency problems, which ends up
removing a big (& important) part of my .config:

[bpowers@fina linux]$ git reset --hard drm-intel-next-2012-09-09
HEAD is now at e04190e drm/fb helper: don't call
drm_helper_connector_dpms directly
[bpowers@fina linux]$ git status
# On branch master
# Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged,
# and have 207 and 323 different commits each, respectively.
nothing to commit (working directory clean)
[bpowers@fina linux]$ make oldconfig
scripts/kconfig/conf --oldconfig Kconfig
drivers/gpu/drm/udl/Kconfig:1:error: recursive dependency detected!
drivers/gpu/drm/udl/Kconfig:1: symbol DRM_UDL depends on USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD
drivers/usb/Kconfig:76: symbol USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD depends on USB_SUPPORT
drivers/usb/Kconfig:58: symbol USB_SUPPORT is selected by DRM_USB
drivers/gpu/drm/Kconfig:22: symbol DRM_USB is selected by DRM_UDL
# configuration written to .config

I've attached my config & the diff between what is attached and the
result of make oldconfig. Let me know if there is any other info that
would help, or if I'm just doing something boneheaded. Thanks!


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:18 AM, Daniel Vetter <daniel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> The big ticket item here is the new i915 modeset infrastructure.
> Shockingly it didn't not blow up all over the place (i.e. I've managed to
> fix the ugly issues before merging). 1-2 smaller corner cases broke, but
> we have patches. Also, there's tons of patches on top of this that clean
> out cruft and fix a few bugs that couldn't be fixed with the crtc helper
> based stuff. So more stuff to come ;-)
> Also a few other things:
> - Tiny fix in the fb helper to go through the official dpms interface
> instead of calling the crtc helper code.
> - forcewake code frobbery from Ben, code should be more in-line with
> what Windows does now.
> - fixes for the render ring flush on hsw (Paulo)
> - gpu frequency tracepoint
> - vlv forcewake changes to better align it with our understanding of the
> forcewake magic.
> - a few smaller cleanups
> Cheers, Daniel
> The following changes since commit d7c3b937bdf45f0b844400b7bf6fd3ed50bac604:
> drm/i915: Remove __GFP_NO_KSWAPD (2012-08-27 17:11:38 +0200)
> are available in the git repository at:
> git:// tags/drm-intel-next-2012-09-09
> for you to fetch changes up to e04190e0ecb236c51af181c18c545ea076fb9cca:
> drm/fb helper: don't call drm_helper_connector_dpms directly (2012-09-08 00:51:15 +0200)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Ben Widawsky (5):
> drm/i915: Extract forcewake ack timeout
> drm/i915: use cpu_relax() in wait_for_atomic
> drm/i915: Change forcewake timeout to 2ms
> drm/i915: Never read FORCEWAKE
> drm/i915: Enable some sysfs stuff without CONFIG_PM
> Chris Wilson (1):
> drm/i915: Convert remaining debugfs iterators over rings to for_each_ring()
> Daniel Vetter (66):
> drm/ips: move drps/ips/ilk related variables into dev_priv->ips
> drm/i915: add a tracepoint for gpu frequency changes
> drm/i915: align vlv forcewake with common lore
> drm/i915: differ error message between forcwake timeouts
> drm/i915: add crtc->enable/disable vfuncs insted of dpms
> drm/i915: rip out crtc prepare/commit indirection
> drm/i915: add direct encoder disable/enable infrastructure
> drm/i915/hdmi: convert to encoder->disable/enable
> drm/i915/tv: convert to encoder enable/disable
> drm/i915/lvds: convert to encoder disable/enable
> drm/i915/dp: convert to encoder disable/enable
> drm/i915/crt: convert to encoder disable/enable
> drm/i915/sdvo: convert to encoder disable/enable
> drm/i915/dvo: convert to encoder disable/enable
> drm/i915: convert dpms functions of dvo/sdvo/crt
> drm/i915: rip out encoder->disable/enable checks
> drm/i915: clean up encoder_prepare/commit
> drm/i915: copy&paste drm_crtc_helper_set_config
> drm/i915: call set_base directly
> drm/i915: inline intel_best_encoder
> drm/i915: copy&paste drm_crtc_helper_set_mode
> drm/i915: simplify intel_crtc_prepare_encoders
> drm/i915: rip out encoder->prepare/commit
> drm/i915: call crtc functions directly
> drm/i915: WARN when trying to enabled an unused crtc
> drm/i915: Add interfaces to read out encoder/connector hw state
> drm/i915/dp: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/hdmi: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/tv: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/lvds: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/crt: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/sdvo: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915/dvo: implement get_hw_state
> drm/i915: read out the modeset hw state at load and resume time
> drm/i915: check connector hw/sw state
> drm/i915: rip out intel_crtc->dpms_mode
> drm/i915: rip out intel_dp->dpms_mode
> drm/i915: ensure the force pipe A quirk is actually followed
> drm/i915: introduce struct intel_set_config
> drm/i915: extract modeset config save/restore code
> drm/i915: extract intel_set_config_compute_mode_changes
> drm/i915: extract intel_set_config_update_output_state
> drm/i915: implement crtc helper semantics relied upon by the fb helper
> drm/i915: don't update the fb base if there is no fb
> drm/i915: convert pointless error checks in set_config to BUGs
> drm/i915: don't save all the encoder/crtc state in set_config
> drm/i915: stage modeset output changes
> drm/i915: push crtc->fb update into pipe_set_base
> drm/i915: remove crtc disabling special case
> drm/i915: move output commit and crtc disabling into set_mode
> drm/i915: extract adjusted mode computation
> drm/i915: use staged outuput config in tv->mode_fixup
> drm/i915: use staged outuput config in lvds->mode_fixup
> drm/i915: compute masks of crtcs affected in set_mode
> drm/i915: implement new set_mode code flow
> drm/i915: push commit_output_state past crtc disabling
> drm/i915: s/intel_encoder_disable/intel_encoder_noop
> drm/i915: WARN if the pipe won't turn off
> drm/i915: switch the load detect code to the staged modeset config
> drm/i915: push commit_output_state past the crtc/encoder preparing
> drm/i915: disable all crtcs at suspend time
> drm/i915: no longer call drm_helper_resume_force_mode
> drm/i915: add tons of modeset state checks
> drm/i915: improve modeset state checking after dpms calls
> Merge the modeset-rework, basic conversion into drm-intel-next
> drm/fb helper: don't call drm_helper_connector_dpms directly
> Jani Nikula (2):
> drm/i915: only enable sdvo hotplug irq if needed
> drm/i915: fix sdvo hotplug support check and activation
> Paulo Zanoni (3):
> drm/i915: add gen7_render_ring_flush
> drm/i915: add workarounds directly to gen6_render_ring_flush
> drm/i915: add workarounds to gen7_render_ring_flush
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