Re: [PATCH v7 0/11] KGDB/KDB FIQ (NMI) debugger

From: Alan Cox
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 12:47:15 EST

On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 08:01:33 -0700
Anton Vorontsov <anton.vorontsov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here comes the lucky v7:
> - Per Alan Cox's suggestion added hangup method and removed a small
> leftover;
> - Per Colin Cross' suggestion moved IRQ quiescing logic into
> poll_get_char routine. IIUC, Alan is less unhappy about it. As a
> result, clear_irq() callback dropped.

Ok that has my ack. Some of it is not pretty but debugger hooks that
have to run behind the OS while debugging it never are.

Acked-by: Alan Cox <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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