Re: issues with unknown/new alias [retraction]

From: Alan Jenkins
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 05:29:53 EST

On 13/09/12 09:57, Christoph Jung wrote:
Am 13.09.2012 10:49, schrieb Alan Jenkins:
On 13/09/12 08:25, Christoph Jung wrote:

I am from the company "Code Mercenaries GmbH" from Germany. We have some USB HID devices wich work with Linux.
Since kernel version 2.6 our default products will be included in the kernel.

VendorID: 0x07C0
ProductIDs: 0x1500, 0x1501, 0x1511, 0x1512, 0x1503
Devicename: iowarrior

Now we have some new custom product IDs but this two new devices get no node in dev/usb/ , but I can find the with "lsusb".
If I run "modinfo iowarrior" there will be 5 alias (with the default pIDs) .

The two new pIDs are: 0x158A, 0x158B

I have not much experiance with linux (I work with Ubuntu 12.04). What have be done to get the device nodes to work with them?
Have I add some rules? Or have I edit the iowarrior.ko?

Argh, sorry, I misread your email and went off on one.

You will indeed need to "edit iowarrior.ko". I.e. change the C source code to include the new pIDs, recompile, test, get patches merged into the mainline kernel etc :).

It's also possible to test new devices with an old driver, i.e. before you modify it. Possible instructions:


Ah ok but where will I find the sourcecode for iowarrior.ko ?
I have no idea about compiling, patching in linux


The kernel is all one big tree. The file you're looking for is drivers/usb/misc/iowarrior.c. (Preview at;a=blob;f=drivers/usb/misc/iowarrior.c). The change you're talking about should be fairly straightforward - just look for the existing ids.

Step 1 for me has always been to compile a whole kernel. Unfortunately that's a bit of learning curve. I'm not sure which resources to recommend.

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