Re: [PATCH v4] can: rename LED trigger name on netdev renames

From: Fabio Baltieri
Date: Tue Sep 11 2012 - 17:03:18 EST

Hi Kurt,

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:06:48PM +0200, Kurt Van Dijck wrote:
> can: rename LED trigger name on netdev renames
> The LED trigger name for CAN devices is based on the initial
> CAN device name, but does never change. The LED trigger name
> is not guaranteed to be unique in case of hotplugging CAN devices.
> This patch tries to address this problem by modifying the
> LED trigger name according to the CAN device name when
> the latter changes.
> v1 - Kurt Van Dijck
> v2 - Fabio Baltieri
> - remove rename blocking if trigger is bound
> - use led-subsystem function for the actual rename (still WiP)
> - call init/exit functions from dev.c
> v3 - Kurt Van Dijck
> - safe operation for non-candev based devices (vcan, slcan)
> based on earlier patch
> v4 - Kurt Van Dijck
> - trivial patch mistakes fixed

Well done, I'm testing the last patches (my can-leds-devel branch on
github) and seems to work good (tested rename, disconnect-reconnect,
vcan rename, rename from udev rule).

Now I think we just have to wait for Bryan for the LED rename patch.


Fabio Baltieri
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