Re: [PATCH 20/20] Staging: ipack/bridges/tpci200: Store the irqholder in slot_irq.

From: Dan Carpenter
Date: Tue Sep 11 2012 - 05:58:34 EST

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 11:05:10AM +0200, Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez wrote:
> On Tue, 2012-09-11 at 11:51 +0300, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> > The whole patchset looks good.
> >
> > Reviewed-by: Dan Carpenter <dan.carpenter@xxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> > regards,
> > dan carpenter
> Taking into account that I need to resend the patches, I can add these
> suggestions.

Do whatever is easiest. Staging/ has different review standards
from mm/ and we're trying to churn through the code and clean it up
as quickly as feasible. The review comments I had were minor style
issues, which I hope you will consider for later patches, but not
something which is worth delaying over.

dan carpenter

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