Re: [PATCH 2/2] ARM: OMAP: hwmod: revise deassert sequence

From: Omar Ramirez Luna
Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 13:14:04 EST

Hi Benoit,

On 6 September 2012 10:12, Benoit Cousson <b-cousson@xxxxxx> wrote:
> The sequence is good, I'm just a little bit concern about the
> duplication of code compared to _enable sequence.
> That being said, this is the consequence of removing the hardreset
> sequence outside of the main _enable/_shutdown sequence.
> So I'm not sure I have any better way of doing that :-(

Indeed, it should be exactly the same as putting back the reset
sequence into _enable/_shutdown, so with these patches I was expecting
we could gather the hard reset users and see if they needed anything
else beyond these functions, if not, perhaps just put back the reset
code into _enable/_shutdown paths.


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