Re: [PATCH v2] drivers/media/pci/cx25821/cx25821-video-upstream-ch2.c:fix error return code

From: Peter Senna Tschudin
Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 08:45:21 EST

> You're replacing kmemdup for kstrdup, which is great,
> but that's not anywhere in the commit message.
Sorry for that.

> I'm not sure if you should re-send, but you should definitely
> try to have better commit messages in the future!
I'll kindly ask to ignore the V2 of this patch. I'll send other patch
to be applied after the V1. The second patch will replace kmemdup for
kstrdup. Please ignore the patch:

> Not to mention you're doing two things in one patch, and that makes
> very difficult to bisect.
This is really bad thing to do in a single patch. Sorry for that too.

> Thanks (and sorry for the nitpick)...


> Ezequiel.

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