Re: [PATCH] Powerpc 8xx CPM_UART delay in receive

From: leroy christophe
Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 03:09:53 EST

Le 16/08/2012 17:21, Alan Cox a écrit :
MAX_IDL: Maximum idle characters. When a character is received, the
receiver begins counting idle characters. If MAX_IDL idle characters
are received before the next data character, an idle timeout occurs
and the buffer is closed,
generating a maskable interrupt request to the core to receive the
data from the buffer. Thus, MAX_IDL offers a way to demarcate frames.
To disable the feature, clear MAX_IDL. The bit length of an idle
character is calculated as follows: 1 + data length (5–9) + 1 (if
parity is used)
+ number of stop bits (1–2). For 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop
bit, the character length is 10 bits

So if you have slightly bursty high speed data as its quite typical
before your change you would get one interrupt per buffer of 32 bytes,
with it you'll get a lot more interrupts.

You have two available hints about the way to set this - one of them is
the baud rate (low baud rates mean the fifo isn't a big win and the
latency is high), the other is the low_latency flag if the driver
supports the low latency feature (and arguably you can still use a
request for it as a hint even if you refuse the actual feature).

So I think a reasonable approach would be set the idle timeout down for
low baud rates or if low_latency is requested.

generated if there is at least one word in the FIFO and for a time
equivalent to the transmission of four characters
Which is a bit more reasonable than one, although problematic at low
speed (hence the fifo on/off).

What would then thing about:
* a value of 1 for all rates below 2400 (On 8250, fifo is set to 1 for such rates)
* a value of 2 for 2400 and 4800
* a value of 4 for 9600 (which is the default on the 8250 for all rates above 2400)
* a value of 8 for 19200
* a value of 16 for 38400 and above (on UCC_UART, maxidl is set to 16, never 32)

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