Re: [PATCH] sctp: Make "Invalid Stream Identifier" ERROR follows SACKwhen bundling

From: Xufeng Zhang
Date: Mon Jul 23 2012 - 21:53:47 EST

On 7/23/12, Neil Horman <nhorman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 10:30:34AM +0800, xufeng zhang wrote:
>> On 07/23/2012 08:49 AM, Neil Horman wrote:
>> >
>> >Not sure I understand how you came into this error. If we get an
>> > invalid
>> >stream, we issue an SCTP_REPORT_TSN side effect, followed by an
>> >which sends the error chunk. The reply goes through
>> >sctp_outq_tail->sctp_outq_chunk->sctp_outq_transmit_chunk->sctp_outq_append_chunk.
>> >That last function checks to see if a sack is already part of the packet,
>> > and if
>> >there isn't one, appends one, using the updated tsn map.
>> Yes, you are right, but consider the invalid stream identifier's
>> DATA chunk is the first
>> DATA chunk in the association which will need SACK immediately.
>> Here is what I thought of the scenario:
>> sctp_sf_eat_data_6_2()
>> -->sctp_eat_data()
>> -->sctp_make_op_error()
>> -->sctp_add_cmd_sf(commands, SCTP_CMD_REPLY, SCTP_CHUNK(err))
>> -->sctp_outq_tail() /* First enqueue ERROR chunk */
>> -->sctp_add_cmd_sf(commands, SCTP_CMD_GEN_SACK, SCTP_FORCE())
>> -->sctp_gen_sack()
>> -->sctp_make_sack()
>> -->sctp_add_cmd_sf(commands, SCTP_CMD_REPLY,
>> SCTP_CHUNK(sack))
>> -->sctp_outq_tail() /* Then enqueue SACK chunk
>> */
>> So SACK chunk is enqueued after ERROR chunk.
> Ah, I see. Since the ERROR and SACK chunks are both control chunks, and
> since
> we explicitly add the SACK to the control queue instead of going through
> the
> bundle path in sctp_packet_append_chunk the ordering gets wrong.
> Ok, so the problem makes sense. I think the soultion could be alot easier
> though. IIRC SACK chunks always live at the head of a packet, so why not
> just
> special case it in sctp_outq_tail? I.e. instead of doing a list_add_tail,
> in
> the else clause of sctp_outq_tail check the chunk_hdr->type to see if its
> SCTP_CID_SACK. If it is, use list_add_head rather than list_add_tail. I
> think
> that will fix up both the COOKIE_ECHO and ESTABLISHED cases, won't it? And
> then
> you won't have keep track of extra state in the packet configuration.

(Please ignore the duplicate messages if you received, sorry for this!)

Yes, it's a good idea, but I think the premise is not correct:
RFC 4960 page 57:
"D) Upon reception of the COOKIE ECHO chunk, endpoint "Z" will reply
with a COOKIE ACK chunk after building a TCB and moving to the
ESTABLISHED state. A COOKIE ACK chunk may be bundled with any
pending DATA chunks (and/or SACK chunks), but the COOKIE ACK chunk
MUST be the first chunk in the packet."

So we can't put SACK chunk always at the head of the packet.

Xufeng Zhang

> Regards
> Neil
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