Re: 3.5-rc7 - can no longer wake up from suspend to RAM

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Sat Jul 21 2012 - 18:11:35 EST

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 9:46 PM, Tomasz Chmielewski <tch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After upgrading to 3.5-rc7, my laptop no longer wakes up reliable from suspend to RAM. 3.4.x worked fine.

FWIW, I've been having similar problems with 3.5-rc7. With 3.5-rc6 my
laptop resumed fine, but since updating to -rc7, it often seems to just
sit there after opening the lid -- the moon/sleep LED stays on, and the
power LED smoothly cycles on and off, as if it's fast asleep. Even pressing
the power button doesn't have any effect (until I hold down the power
button long enough to turn off).

I guess I'll start a bisection, but it's slow going because it takes multiple
tries to know for sure if a kernel is bad.

The only commit between rc6 and rc7 that looks like it might be related
is dc332fdf9f373a87b1e2f423b5b004b2a3c37e1a ("ACPI / PM: Leave
Bus Master Arbitration enabled for suspend/resume"), which apparently
fixes some other laptops. But perhaps I'll try reverting that and see how
it goes.

- R.
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