efitools rpm up on opensuse build service: contains useful toolsfor taking control of UEFI secure boot platforms

From: James Bottomley
Date: Sat Jul 21 2012 - 08:29:30 EST

All the tools are in the git repository


But for ease of consumption, this is now packaged and build by the
opensuse build server as installable rpm files.


If you install the efitools-0.1.rpm package, it will automatically
provision you with Platform Key, Key Exchange Key and db key. The
README file in /usr/share/efitools/ explains whatâs going on, but you
can also do a quick lockdown of your UEFI plaform (or simply boot out
the old keys) if you copy all the efi files in /usr/share/efitools/efi/
and the *.auth files from /usr/share/efitools/keys/ into a partition
accessible to the efi boot loader. Then in Setup Mode (must be Setup
Mode to alter the keys) do

UpdateVars db db.auth
UpdateVars KEK KEK.auth
UpdateVars PK PK.auth

After the PK update, the platform should once again be in user mode.
Verify by trying to run the HelloWorld efi binary (should fail) and itâs
signed counterpart HelloWorld-signed (should print Hello World!).

I've also summarised the current state, plus a useful collection of odd
information on my blog:



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