[PATCH 0/3] dyndbg: dev_dbg bugfix + 2 trivials

From: Jim Cromie
Date: Thu Jul 19 2012 - 15:46:58 EST

3 patches here, 1st is bugfix, others are trivial.

1- fix __dev_printk, which broke dev_dbg() prefix under CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG.

2- change dyndbg prefix interfield separator from ':' to '.'

for example (output from test-code, not submitted):
r8169 0000:02:00.0: r8169.rtl_init_one: set-drvdata pdev:ffff880223041000 dev:ffff880220d6a000
hwmon hwmon1: k10temp.k10temp_probe.180: set-drvdata pdev:ffff88022303d000 dev:ffff8801dfd2a000

This improves usability of cut -d: <logfile> for pr_debug() messages,
as field position is less volatile with various uses of dyndbg flags.
Its not perfect:
- dev_dbg on net-devices adds several more colons,
but this doesnt vary with dyndbg flags.
- dyndbg=+pfmlt still adds a field vs dyndbg==p (ie no prefix)
- pr_fmt() commonly adds another colon (unchanged with this patch)

3- trivial var name change in lib/dynamic_debug.c

Please drop or apply 2,3 as you prefer.
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