Re: [PATCH v2] Input: synaptics - use firmware data for Cr-48

From: Chase Douglas
Date: Thu Jul 19 2012 - 12:16:25 EST

On 07/18/2012 08:02 PM, Chung-Yih Wang (çåæ) wrote:
Hi Chase,

Thanks for your great comments. You are right, it is impossible to
get correct finger tracking if both fingers are moving. However, we
think it still worth to have the firmware tracking of the fingers as
they could perform well for most one-stationary-one-moving cases. This
will be good enough for the one-stationary-one-moving gestures we want
to provide on Cr-48. And that's why we want to make the patch specific
to Cr-48.

Can you provide more details on what you are attempting to accomplish? The only thing you can't do easily with semi-mt is:

* Rotations (but the hardware can't do it anyway, so this is moot)
* Pinch directions at 45 degree angles (i.e. (pinch up and left, down and right) or (pinch down and left, up and right))

You should be able to do everything else with semi-mt, such as pinch horizontally vs pinch vertically, movement, etc.

The pinch directions at 45 degree angles could be possible with the Cr-48 trackpad, but I would want to know that there's a real use case for it before undertaking an effort to support it.

-- Chase
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