Re: [PATCH 00/36] AArch64 Linux kernel port

From: Guillem Jover
Date: Thu Jul 19 2012 - 10:22:25 EST

On Sat, 2012-07-07 at 19:27:12 +0000, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Saturday 07 July 2012, Olof Johansson wrote:
> > > ARM introduced AArch64 as part of the ARMv8 architecture
> >
> > With the risk of bikeshedding here, but I find the name awkward. How
> > about just naming the arch port arm64 instead? It's considerably more
> > descriptive in the context of the kernel. For reference, we didn't
> > name ppc64, nor powerpc, after what the IBM/ marketing people
> > were currently calling the architecture at the time either.
> I agree the name sucks, and I'd much prefer to just call it arm64
> as well. The main advantage of the aarch64 name is that it's the
> same as the identifier in the elf triplet, and it makes sense to
> keep the same name for all places where we need to identify the
> architecture. This also includes the rpm and dpkg architecture names,
> and the string returned by the uname syscall. If everything else
> is aarch64, we should use that in the kernel directory too, but
> if everyone calls it arm64 anyway, we should probably use that name
> for as many things as possible.

FWIW the dpkg architecture name will be arm64:


And I'd be happy to change the GNU triplet match in dpkg, if someone
considered trying to get it renamed to something less unfortunate.

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