Re: [PATCH 1/1 v3] Honor state disabling in the cpuidle ladder governor- with sanitizer

From: Carsten Emde
Date: Thu Jul 19 2012 - 07:42:21 EST


I could implement a sanitize mechanism of the ladder governor that
takes care the "disable" variables of all deeper states are set to 1,
if a state is disabled, and those of all lighter states are set to 0,
if a state is enabled. Do you wish me to do that?
No, I dont think thats necessary, current code suffices it.
The disable flag is knob we are giving to the user . So may be just
document the intended use of disable flag working
alongside design of ladder governor.
It's not necessary - but maybe better. Here comes v3 with a sanitizer.
Is this too ugly?
The v2, with the documentation in place seems sufficient.
Yup, this adds unnecessary fields which are not much use
coz the same can be achieved with just disable flag check.
ok, let's take v2.

Also, any reason why the patch is being sent as an attachment ?
Sending patches as an attachment is not a recommended practice.

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