linux-next: Trees and MAINTAINERS of random drivers?

From: Sedat Dilek
Date: Wed Jul 18 2012 - 07:09:03 EST


while digging into an issue with the random driver [0] yesterday, I
checked today the "Next/Trees" and random driver related informations
in "MAINTAINERS" files.
...and have some questions.

David's random tree is listed in linux-next [1]:

26 dwmw2 git

But [2] shows me that there were no activities in this tree for about 3 years.
Is that still valid and/or should that tree be dropped?
[ Sorry, for nitpicking but suffix "-2.6" should simply die in GIT
repo and branch names after introduction of upstream's linux.git. ]

[3] lists Ted as new random driver maintainer, but in [4] I found Matt
as maintainer:

5657 M: Matt Mackall <mpm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
5658 S: Maintained
5659 F: drivers/char/random.c

I do not think that this is still correct and furthermore in Ted's
random.git#dev tree I see commits changing "drivers/char/random.c"
So, that above block should IMHO be dropped and "F:
drivers/char/random.c" added to [6]?

Just noticed while looking into linux-next and the recent random
revival from Ted.

Thanks to old and new random maintainers for their great work!

Kind Regards,
- Sedat -

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