Re: [PATCH RFT 2/2] regulator: palmas: Convert palmas_ops_ldo to[get|set]_voltage_sel_regmap

From: Axel Lin
Date: Wed Jul 18 2012 - 00:27:37 EST

æ äï2012-07-18 æ 11:49 +0800ïAxel Lin æåï
> Also remove palmas_ldo_write() function because it is not used after this
> conversion.

Oh. Just found another issue in current code.
Current code in palmas_ldo_init() calls palmas_smps_[read|write]
is wrong. It should call palmas_ldo_[read|write] instead.
And this means palmas_ldo_write() cannot be removed.

To make it easier for review, I'll resend the patches for palmas
as a serial.


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