Re: [PATCH 5/7 v2] dma: sh: use an integer slave ID to improve APIcompatibility

From: Vinod Koul
Date: Tue Jul 17 2012 - 23:14:57 EST

On Mon, 2012-07-16 at 14:47 +0200, Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:
> > > Yes, that's right - these values have to be written to DMAC channel
> > > configuration registers, so, we do not have to change anything, those
> > > values can remain DMAC parameters and be passed to it directly from
> > > platform data.
> > Can you get that in future fixes.
> Sorry, what exactly would you like to have fixed here? Above I just
> described how the driver already functions, what changes do you see
> necessary?
Why should client pass these two values. So the parameters which can be
calculated should be, and rest should dmacs platform data and not
And after the removal of the slave and adddr fields, you find that you
no longer need your specific slave structure and that can be elimnated


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