Re: [PATCH] power_supply: Added support for power supply attributesources

From: Anton Vorontsov
Date: Mon Jul 16 2012 - 04:23:16 EST

Hi Ramakrishna,

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 06:07:22PM +0530, Ramakrishna Pallala wrote:
> On some platforms one driver(or HW chip) may not be able to provide all
> the necessary attributes of the power supply connected to the platform or
> may provide very limited info which can be used by core/primary drivers.
> For example a temperature sensor chip placed near the battery can be used
> to report battery ambient temperature but it does not makes sense to register
> sensor driver with power supply class. Or even a ADC driver or platform
> driver may report power supply properties like voltage/current or charging
> status but registering all those driver with power supply class is not a
> practical or ideal approach.
> This patch adds the generic support to register the drivers as power
> supply attribute(properties) sources and adds an interface to read
> these attributes from power supply class drivers.

So, you would add power_supply_attributes_register() calls into ADC
drivers? This is not right.

The right approach would be to write a power supply driver that would
accept ADC device/channel (or just a callback) for getting needed
information to report.


* Here I just made up adc_channel struct for simplicity of the
* example; For real ADC dev, you really want to use Industrial IO
* framework, i.e. include/linux/iio/iio.h.
struct adc_channel {
int (*get_value)(struct *adc_channel);

struct adc_power_supply_platform_data {
struct adc_channel *voltage;
struct adc_channel *current;

And the "adc power supply" driver would then call:

prop->intval = voltage->get_value(voltage);

Sure, sometimes it's not only ADC, but sensors, regulators
and so forth. So pass all the devices to the power_supply driver,
and teach the driver to work with the facilities.

As an example of such a platform driver, see drivers/power/pda_power.c.
It is a generic driver for platforms with two power sources (AC/USB),
optinally connected to a battery.

> +struct power_supply_attr_query {
> + enum power_supply_property property;
> + enum power_supply_type type;
> + /* variable to store result */
> + union power_supply_propval res;
> +};
> +extern int power_supply_get_external_attr(
> + struct power_supply_attr_query *query);

And even if we'd consider adding this feature, the interface seems
very limited. What if there are two, say, batteries?

I don't think it's the right approach, sorry.

Kind regards,

Anton Vorontsov
Email: cbouatmailru@xxxxxxxxx
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