[tip:perf/core] perf tool: Fix perf stack to non executable on x86_64

From: tip-bot for Jiri Olsa
Date: Tue Feb 07 2012 - 14:43:26 EST

Commit-ID: e89cef136a8b56eef1acf702591fd3039fc3385d
Gitweb: http://git.kernel.org/tip/e89cef136a8b56eef1acf702591fd3039fc3385d
Author: Jiri Olsa <jolsa@xxxxxxxxxx>
AuthorDate: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 13:54:08 +0100
Committer: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@xxxxxxxxxx>
CommitDate: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 19:14:17 -0200

perf tool: Fix perf stack to non executable on x86_64

By adding following objects:
the x86_64 perf binary ended up with executable stack.

The reason was that above objects are assembler sourced and are missing the
GNU-stack note section. In such case the linker assumes that the final binary
should not be restricted at all and mark the stack as RWX.

Adding section ".note.GNU-stack" definition to mentioned objects, with all
flags disabled, thus omiting those objects from linker stack flags decision.

Reported-at: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=783570
Reported-by: Clark Williams <williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Eric Dumazet <eric.dumazet@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Corey Ashford <cjashfor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx>
Cc: Paul Mackerras <paulus@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Peter Zijlstra <a.p.zijlstra@xxxxxxxxx>
Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/1328100848-5630-1-git-send-email-jolsa@xxxxxxxxxx
Signed-off-by: Jiri Olsa <jolsa@xxxxxxxxxx>
[ committer note: Remaining bits after what was already added to perf/urgent ]
Signed-off-by: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@xxxxxxxxxx>
tools/perf/bench/mem-memset-x86-64-asm.S | 7 +++++++
1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/perf/bench/mem-memset-x86-64-asm.S b/tools/perf/bench/mem-memset-x86-64-asm.S
index cb92170..9e5af89 100644
--- a/tools/perf/bench/mem-memset-x86-64-asm.S
+++ b/tools/perf/bench/mem-memset-x86-64-asm.S
@@ -4,3 +4,10 @@
#define Lmemset_c globl memset_c; memset_c
#define Lmemset_c_e globl memset_c_e; memset_c_e
#include "../../../arch/x86/lib/memset_64.S"
+ * We need to provide note.GNU-stack section, saying that we want
+ * NOT executable stack. Otherwise the final linking will assume that
+ * the ELF stack should not be restricted at all and set it RWX.
+ */
+.section .note.GNU-stack,"",@progbits
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