kconfig: tristate choice with depender choice

From: Atsushi Nemoto
Date: Mon Feb 06 2012 - 19:36:06 EST

If a tristate choice has another choice dependers, kconfig produce
wrong value.


prompt "choice list AB"
config A
tristate "a"
config B
tristate "b"
prompt "choice list CD"
depends on A
config C
bool "c"
config D
bool "d"

kconfig outputs CONFIG_A=m from defconfig with CONFIG_A=y.

This happens if the choice list CD depends on A.
Also, if defconfig contains CONFIG_A=y and "# CONFIG_B is not set",
output is correct.

I found commit a64b44ea ("kconfig: fix tristate choice with minimal
config"), but this problem still exists on v3.3-rc1. More fix is
needed for choice with dependers?

Atsushi Nemoto
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