[ANNOUNCE] kmod 5

From: Lucas De Marchi
Date: Mon Feb 06 2012 - 17:57:16 EST


I'm glad to announce kmod 5! Signed tarball is available at


This version included several bug fixes and we needed to break the API
in order to be able to share code between the lib and modprobe. Now the
API udev should use is the same as used by modprobe. This way we can
more easily reproduce the bug reports.

We added a testsuite, too. Now it's possible to automate tests and check
for regressions. People out there reporting bugs (I'm looking at package
maintainers) could give a look in testsuite/README if they can add a
test case there to reproduce their problems. Most of the time will be a
copy and paste from other tests + some set up of configs.

This is the last version to be hosted at ProFUSION's servers. We are
finishing to set up stuff on kernel.org and repository and tarballs will
be available there soon.

Please check NEWS file that we ship with kmod for more information.
Shortlog is below.

Lucas De Marchi

Ambroz Bizjak (1):
Fix unaligned memory access in hash function

Dan McGee (6):
Fix simple grammar issue
Update .gitignore files
test-conversion: remove test/test-loaded
test-conversion: remove test/test-init
test-conversion: remove test/test-{insmod,rmmod,rmmod2}
modinfo: handle arguments more carefully

Dave Reisner (9):
modprobe: remove code referring to -t, --type
build-sys: declare rootfs.tar.xz as dep of rootfs/
modprobe: post-remove module deps with 0 refcnt
testsuite: allow for expected failure of tests
modprobe: properly handle errors from init_module
whitespace fix -- no logical code changes
lib/module: check initstate before inserting module
modprobe: avoid breaking on insertion failure
fix building and cleaning of manpages

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (3):
improve log when debugging.
improve logging to mention context.
fix manpage build and install.

Khem Raj (1):
depmod: Dont use errno unconditionally

Lucas De Marchi (67):
Fix common misspelling with codespell
modprobe: flush stdout before dumping indexes
Check if struct stat has mtim member
build-sys: create symlinks if we are installing tools
libkmod-list: allow to append an empty list
Add program to calculate the shortest relative path for symlinks
build-sys: move modprobe to sbindir
build-sys: forcefully create links
TODO: system() should not be used inside a library
modprobe: kill operations depending on path
build-sys: do not create symlinks by default
README: add link to packages place
modprobe: fix build 'cause of excessive number of arguments
testsuite: add skeleton
testsuite: test libkmod initialization
testsuite: trap calls to uname
testsuite: move oneshot to inside the test struct
testsuite: export environment with flags and LD_PRELOAD
testsuite: fake kernel 4.0.20-kmod is out
testsuite: add trap to fopen() including tests
testsuite: add trap to open() including tests
testsuite: add trap to stat() and friends including tests
testsuite: add trap to opendir() including tests
testsuite: allow to run tests outside of top_buildir
testsuite: separate child from parent
testsuite: match outputs of test with a known correct one
testsuite: add simple test for list of loaded modules
testsuite: add colors to test output
testsuite: remind users to build tools
testsuite: add test for modinfo
elf: privately export kmod_elf_get_section()
testsuite: add trap to init_module() including simple test
build-sys: autotoolify build of check libraries
testsuite: trap calls to delete_module() including simple test
testsuite: add GPL license
build-sys: extract rootfs for make check
modprobe: print end of configuration files
testsuite: remove unneeded call to memset()
Use %zu for size_t
testsuite: let stat.h take care of stat64
build-sys: fix make dist
libkmod-module: add visited field
libkmod-module: probe: change insertion to cover more use cases
libkmod-module: probe: add flag to ignore commands
Partially fix parsing of alias with dots
libkmod-module: split creation of new modules to share code
testsuite: add test for kmod_module_new_from_name()
testsuite: check if dots are allowed in aliases
libkmod-module: probe: add flag to stop loading on already loaded
libkmod-module: probe: remove useless flag to stop on failure
libkmod-module: probe: ignore-command flag can't be used in return
libkmod-module: probe: add room in flags for future extension
libkmod-module: probe: add print_action callback
libkmod-module: probe: add flag to ignore loaded modules
libkmod-module: probe: add flag to dry-run
kmod-modprobe: migrate to kmod_module_probe_insert_module()
libkmod-module: probe: return -EEXIST if told to stop on already loaded
libkmod-module: probe: remove useless KMOD_PROBE_STOP_ON_COMMAND
Prepare for API bump
libkmod: organize public header
man: insmod: we don't handle modules from stdin
TODO: add task to write testsuite/README
libkmod-module: probe: rename flag to be more meaningful
libkmod-module: probe: return -EEXIST if told to do so
testsuite: add README
Add WARNING file for test dir and improve testsuite README
kmod 5

Miklos Vajna (1):
man: spelling fixes

Pedro Pedruzzi (2):
testsuite: add test for function alias_normalize
libkmod: Fix handling of square brackets expressions in function alias_normalize

Thierry Vignaud (1):
WEXITSTATUS is defined in sys/wait.h
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