Re: [PATCH] New PT_GNU_COMPAT segment header extension

From: Ramon de C Valle
Date: Mon Feb 06 2012 - 07:08:30 EST

Hi Andrew,

> <I have been poked>
> I saw the patch but it's one of those ones which looks tricky/risky,
> and is in an area with which I'm not sufficiently familiar. I used
> to
> ask Roland McGrath to help out with this sort of thing, but he
> dematerialised a while back. Perhaps Linus can give it some thought?
> I'd suggest a resend: you've added useful info in later emails so
> there
> would be benefit to bringing it all together in one place.
> A couple of minor things:
> - The patch will need a Signed-off-by:, as described in
> Documentation/SubmittingPatches.

Sure. I'm going to resend the patches properly formatted with all
information together.

> - The term "compat" has a well-understood meaning in the kernel: it
> refers to the support of 32-bit executables under 64-bit kernels.
> Adding an unrelated PT_GNU_COMPAT muddies this. Can you think up a
> different term?

I previously thought about using PT_GNU_LEGACY. Sounds reasonable?


Ramon de C Valle / Red Hat Security Response Team
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