RE: ASM1083 PCIx-PCI bridge interrupts - widespread problems

From: Müller Keve
Date: Fri Feb 03 2012 - 04:18:13 EST


Below is a comment of AsMedia. I will continue now with ASUS, but they are
known to just say "the system is not supporting Linux".

As evidence is growing that the chip might have a severe timing issue, I
believe that all related kernel bug reports should be rooted under 1 major
bug only naming the chipset. Can somebody please advise on how I could
perform this re-routing and whether that makes sense. I would simply take
all PCI related kernel bug reports with a system having a ASM1083 and make
them dependent on a newly created (empty) report.

IMO the bridge should finally get a human readable tag by the kernel (so far
it is numeric only: 1b21:1080) possibly including a note in the tag saying
"buggy". This should raise attention at others running into problems and
channel them to the appropriate place.

Having the hardware and plenty of different PCI cards I am open to test any
suggestion you have and gather data/evidence that sheds light on how to best
treat the issue in the kernel.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Best regards,


Here is the mail from AsMedia (an ASUS dependency...) .

Dear Keve,
Thanks for your valuable opinion. We are glad to receive the opinion form
the end-user. However, we are sorry to inform you that Asmedia is an IC
design house and so far we only provide direct support to the manufacturer,
OEM/ODM, and brand companies. Because most of software is customerized and
our IC is one of the parts in the system and we even don?t know if that
system supports Linux?.Actually we are not authorized to release those
software by ourselves. We are afraid that we are not able to provide the
appropriate solution to you, so we suggest that you contact the service
department of that product and they might provide the appropriate support to
you. We also thank you for purchasing the product on which our IC is used.

Best Regards,
Asmedia Service

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Clemens and Jeroen - um, wow, that is a lot of strong thinking. I don't
have any code in mind, to match, yet. Especially given your set of
questions, Jeroen. I'll try to get time to think and read the code.
Hopefully the group will be ahead of my pace. :)

(I have a more minor patch for spurious.c, that I need to resubmit, too, and
I should probably get that over with, first. So if you see me post about
"better error messages for spurious IRQs", it won't be directly related to



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