Re: could modify sillyrename to put files in /tmp

From: Mantas
Date: Thu Feb 02 2012 - 19:07:44 EST

On 2012-02-02 04:18, wangjing wrote:
> In nfs v3 ,if mulity process visit nfs mount nfs dir ,there sometimes occour .nfsXXX can't delete .
> If modify sillyrename to put files in /tmp ,it will be more friendly to nfs user.

What would then happen if /tmp was on a separate filesystem than the
original file?

> the background
> 1ãLinux fs has /nfsmnt/work_pub/web and /nfsmnt/work_inwork/web ïthey use NFS V3 mount
> 2ãthere is many process will read and write files in the dir /nfsmnt/work_pub/web
> 3ãcron will del all files in dir /nfsmnt/work_pub/web in periodïand will copy all the files which in the dir /nfsmnt/work_inwork/web
> in some times delete all files in /nfsmnt/work_pub/web will faild ,because there is some .nfsXXXX

Then modify the cron job to ignore ".nfs*" files.

Mantas M.

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