Re: [RFCv7 PATCH 0/4] Add poll_requested_events() function.

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Thu Feb 02 2012 - 17:48:25 EST

On Thu, 2 Feb 2012 11:26:53 +0100
Hans Verkuil <hverkuil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The first version of this patch was posted July 1st, 2011. I really hope that
> it won't take another six months to get a review from a fs developer. As this
> LWN article ( said: 'There has been little
> discussion of the patch; it doesn't seem like there is any real reason for it
> not to go in for 3.1.'
> The earliest this can go in now is 3.4. The only reason it takes so long is
> that it has been almost impossible to get a Ack or comments or even just a
> simple reply from the fs developers. That is really frustrating, I'm sorry
> to say.

Yup. Nobody really maintains the poll/select code. It happens to sit
under fs/ so nominally belongs to the "fs maintainers". The logs for
fs/select.c seem to show me as the usual committer, but I wouldn't
claim particular expertise in this area - I'm more a tube-unclogger
here. Probably Al knows the code as well or better than anyone else.
It's good that he looked at an earlier version of the patches.

fs/eventpoll.c has an identified maintainer, but he has been vigorously
hiding from us for a year or so. I'm the commit monkey for eventpoll,
in a similar state to fs/select.c.

So ho hum, all we can do is our best. You're an experienced kernel
developer who has put a lot of work into the code. I suggest that you
get your preferred version into linux-next ASAP then send Linus a pull
request for 3.4-rc1, explaining the situation. If the code wasn't
already in linux-next I would put it in -mm today, for 3.4-rc1.

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