Re: [PATCH] drivercore: Output common devicetree information in uevent

From: Grant Likely
Date: Wed Feb 01 2012 - 16:29:55 EST

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 2:16 PM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt
<benh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-02-01 at 11:31 -0700, Grant Likely wrote:
>> The original function also creates a MODALIAS property for the
>> compatible
>> list, but that code has not been generalized into the common case
>> because
>> it has the potential to break module loading on a lot of bus types.
>> Bus
>> types are still responsible for their own MODALIAS properties.
>> Boot tested on ARM and compile tested on PowerPC and SPARC.
> We also want to generalize adding the devspec property that we have on
> PCI to all devices no ?

The pci_show_devspec() function? Yeah, that can be generalized, but
haven't researched where the best place to hook it in should be.


Grant Likely, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Secret Lab Technologies Ltd.
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