Re: Linux 3.3-rc2

From: Meelis Roos
Date: Wed Feb 01 2012 - 10:22:58 EST

One thing that has happened is that I've liked seeing the merge
message things that have come in through signed tags so much that I've
decided to try to write more explanations even for the merges that
don't get that kind of love from their subsystem maintainers. Some
subsystem maintainers (David with networking is a good example) have
tended to write nice good explanations in their pull requests, and
I've started to try to make those kinds of things part of my merge

I'm not sure how many people really look at merges, and maybe it's a
waste of my time, but I thought I'd try it. I've also spent more
effort trying to explain even fairly trivial merge conflicts (although
the truly trivial "touched next to each other" that just aren't
interesting from a code standpoint I generally have left without

Having human-readable merge summaries is very good. But simple merge summaries that list the commits by one-line descriptions can also be easily improved - just increase the number of lines there.

Looking at for "todays merges" gives a quick summary and these merge messages are artifically truncated there. Are these made by git? In that case, increasing the line limit of these messages to something that covers most normal cases would just help?

Meelis Roos (mroos@xxxxxxxx)
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