Re: system freezing with 3.0.4

From: Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG
Date: Thu Sep 08 2011 - 08:30:28 EST

Please CC me - i'm not on list. Sorry that i forgot to mention this.

Am 08.09.2011 14:26, schrieb Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG:
Hi list,

we've updated some systems from 2.6.32 to 3.0.4 (renamed to for
comp. reasons) kernel. Since then we're expecting freezes every now and
then. All in memory apps are still working but nothing which reads or
writes from or to disk (it seems to me like that).

If you're already conncted via ssh and running top suddenly idle is
99-100% and loads goes up to 500.

Luckily i was able to trigger a sysrq on one machine fast enough:
echo t >/proc/sysrq-trigger

sysrq output is attached

I hope somebody can help.

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