Re: [PATCH, RESEND] uvcvideo: Add FIX_BANDWIDTH quirk to HP Webcamfound on HP Mini 5103 netbook

From: Kirill Smelkov
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 18:26:33 EST

Hi Laurent, All,

On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 12:03:57AM +0200, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> Hi Kirill,
> On Friday 22 July 2011 16:47:22 Kirill Smelkov wrote:
> > [ Cc'ing Andrew Morton -- Andrew, could you please pick this patch, in
> > case there is no response from maintainers again? Thanks beforehand. ]
> >
> >
> > Hello up there,
> >
> > My first posting was 1 month ago, and a reminder ~ 2 weeks ago. All
> > without a reply. v3.0 is out and they say the merge window will be
> > shorter this time, so in oder not to miss it, I've decided to resend my
> > patch on lowering USB periodic bandwidth allocation topic.
> I'm very very sorry for missing the patch (and worse, twice :-/).

Nevermind. I'm curious though, whether I did something wrong or anything
else? I mean how to avoid such long delays next time?

> > Could this simple patch be please applied?
> Yes it can. I see that Andrew already applied it to his tree. Mauro, should it
> go through there, or through your tree ? I've pushed it to my tree at
> git:// uvcvideo-stable, so you can already
> pull.

You've applied the patch from my first posting, but actually in the
RESEND one I've added reference to EHCI-tweaking patch -- it is already
merged into Greg's USB tree (it was not when I first posted), so could you
please reapply? (sorry for confusion).

Thanks for replying and for uvcvideo,
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