Re: [GIT PULL] regmap: Generic I2C and SPI register map library

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 18:02:29 EST

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 6:52 AM, Mark Brown
<broonie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm not 100% happy with the implementation at present (to a large extent
> due to keeping it simple for initial review, though there's some stuff
> I'm just not happy with) so I expect a bit of internal churn but the
> external interface should be solid and allow other code to start making
> use of the code.

What kind of sh*t is this?

First it says

"There are no user servicable options here, this is an API intended
to be used by other kernel subsystems. These subsystems should select
the appropriate symbols.:"

and then it does

config REGMAP_I2C
default I2C

so now that thing turns on REGMAP_I2C and compiles in the code WITHOUT
EVEN ASKING. It's enough to enable i2c.

That is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. It's pure and utter sh*t.

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