Re: Major 2.6.38 / 2.6.39 / 3.0 regression ignored?

From: Keith Packard
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 16:50:18 EST

On Sat, 23 Jul 2011 00:23:36 +0400, Kirill Smelkov <kirr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What kind of a workaround are you talking about?

Just reverting the commit -- that makes your machine work, even if it's
wrong for other machines.

> Sorry, to me it all looked like "UMS is being ignored forever".

You're right, of course -- UMS is a huge wart on the kernel driver at
this point, keeping it working while also adding new functionality
continues to cause challenges. We tend to expect that most people will
run reasonably contemporaneous kernel and user space code, and so three
years after the switch, it continues to surprise us when someone
actually tries UMS.

> I'm out of office till ~ next week's tuesday, and on return I'll try
> to test it on the hardware in question.

Let me know; I've pushed this patch to my drm-intel-fixes tree on in the meantime; if it does solve the problem, I'd like to
add your Tested-by: line.


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