Re: [PATCH 0/11 v3] Generic Watchdog Timer Driver

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Fri Jul 22 2011 - 15:18:53 EST

Hi Wolfram,

> > Changes since V2:
> > * all "flags" are unsigned
> > * timeout values are also unsigned
> > * removed unnececessary debugging
> > * clean-up comments
> > * the core will be in drivers/watchdog/ and not in drivers/watchdog/core/
> Also (just in case someone started converting drivers):
> * some error-codes changed
> * .name has been removed from watchdog_device in favor of watchdog_info->identity

Yup, I forgot these. Thanks.

Status update: I incorporated your comments and Lars-Peter Clausen's comments and
created V4. The changes since V3 are:
* removed overdocumentation
* removed return -ENOTTY after switch (cmd) because we have the default allready
* s/sent/send/
* I'd suggest to swap the logic here (branch taken on error)
* no_llseek removal squashed into patch 1
* provide getter/setter methods for driver specific data so that we can easily do the conversion towards the device driver model
* removed parent because this would change when we will start using the device driver model

> I already started converting a few drivers and will post the patches as RFC
> tomorrow. In general, converting went quite well and despite a few comments
> (see later mails), I think this could go into 3.1, so that converted drivers
> can go into 3.2 together with (probably) a few updates to the framework. There
> is potential for a bit more consolidation, yet I think the basic stuff could
> go in now.
> Thanks to Wim and Alan for their work and CELF/LF for supporting the final
> steps :)

And for your assistance and the feedback from others also.

Kind regards,

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