Re: - uptime related crashes?

From: Nikola Ciprich
Date: Thu Jul 21 2011 - 15:34:20 EST

> yeah - and we also want a Reported-by tag and an explanation of how
> it can crash and why it matters in practice. I can then stick it into
> the urgent branch for Linus. (probably will only hit upstream in the
> merge window though.)

Hello Ingo,

well, I guess You can add me as reporter, but this has been independently
reported by others as well, as the bug got hit by quite a lot of people...
I'm afraid I won't add much to technical description of how this crashes the
machine apart from what has been discussed in this thread. But the reason why
this hurts us a lot is that it seems systems running RT tasks are affected in
particular, and many of our crashed machines were failover clusters running
pacemaker/corosync (which runs a lot of RT processes). And it really sucks,
when both nodes of "high-availability" system crash in the same time :(
So we were then forced to plan preventive restarts of some of those critical
systems just to be sure they don't end up badly..

thanks to You all for taking a look at this!



> Thanks,
> Ingo

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