[PATCH 0/9] netvsc bug fixes and cleanups

From: Haiyang Zhang
Date: Thu Jul 21 2011 - 12:57:20 EST

Fixed a set of bugs in netvsc module, and cleaned up some coding style issues.

Haiyang Zhang (9):
staging: hv: remove unnecessary includes in netvsc
staging: hv: add newline to log messages in netvsc
staging: hv: convert dev_<loglevel> to netdev_<loglevel> in netvsc
staging: hv: fix a kernel warning in netvsc_linkstatus_callback()
staging: hv: re-order the code in netvsc_probe()
staging: hv: fix counting of #outstanding-sends in failed sends
staging: hv: fix counting of available buffer slots when send fails
staging: hv: fix the return status of netvsc_start_xmit()
staging: hv: fix the page buffer when rndis data go across page

drivers/staging/hv/netvsc.c | 124 ++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
drivers/staging/hv/netvsc_drv.c | 46 +++++++-------
drivers/staging/hv/rndis_filter.c | 28 ++++++---
3 files changed, 111 insertions(+), 87 deletions(-)

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