Re: [PATCH v2] powerpc32: Kexec support for PPC440X chipsets

From: Suzuki Poulose
Date: Mon Jul 18 2011 - 00:05:18 EST

On 07/12/11 12:14, Suzuki K. Poulose wrote:
Changes from V1: Uses a tmp mapping in the other address space to setup
the 1:1 mapping (suggested by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior).

Note: Should we do the same for kernel entry code for PPC44x ?

This patch adds kexec support for PPC440 based chipsets.This work is based
on the KEXEC patches for FSL BookE.

The FSL BookE patch and the code flow could be found at the link below:


1) Invalidate all the TLB entries except the one this code is run from
2) Create a tmp mapping for our code in the other address space and jump to it
3) Invalidate the entry we used
4) Create a 1:1 mapping for 0-2GiB in blocks of 256M
5) Jump to the new 1:1 mapping and invalidate the tmp mapping

I have tested this patches on Ebony, Sequoia boards and Virtex on QEMU.
It would be great if somebody could test this on the other boards.

Forgot to mention:

You would need the current snapshot of kexec-tools, available at


The following commits(in the current tree) are needed for the support of ppc32.

commit 13f6d71bdf9836b90ae4ec21209383f1a3c56b0f
kexec-tools: ppc32: Fixup ThreadPointer for purgatory code

commit 9ec3fac7e8840fb31891ba49a626c5dd33e09e86
kexec-tools: powerpc: Use the #address-cells information to parsememory/reg

commit 806ef8870539a6c74a2a98188d0207a038b16f77
Fix memory errors on ppc


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