Re: [PATCH 0/4] Fix compaction stalls due to accounting errors inisolated page accounting

From: Thomas Sattler
Date: Sun Jul 17 2011 - 04:52:31 EST

Hi there ...

> Re-verification from testers that these patches really do fix their
> problems would be appreciated. Even if hangs disappear, please confirm
> that the values for nr_isolated_anon and nr_isolated_file in *both*
> /proc/zoneinfo and /proc/vmstat are sensible (i.e. usually zero).

I applied these patches to and it run for nearly a month
without any problems. Even Though I did not check nr_isolated_*.
As (at least) patch3 made it into I did not apply the
others any more. And it occurred again this morning:

sysload at 2, iowait at 80% on an idle (single core) system

$ grep nr_isolated /proc/zoneinfo /proc/vmstat
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_anon 0
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_file 1
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_anon 0
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_file 4294967295
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_anon 0
/proc/zoneinfo: nr_isolated_file 0
/proc/vmstat:nr_isolated_anon 0
/proc/vmstat:nr_isolated_file 0

I captured several SysRq-* logs, in case they're of interest.

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