Re: [34-longterm 210/247] Input: xen-kbdfront - advertise eitherabsolute or relative coordinates

From: Olaf Hering
Date: Thu Jun 23 2011 - 13:57:39 EST

On Thu, Jun 23, Paul Gortmaker wrote:

> From: Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx>
> -------------------
> This is a commit scheduled for the next v2.6.34 longterm release.
> If you see a problem with using this for longterm, please comment.
> -------------------
> commit 8c3c283e6bf463ab498d6e7823aff6c4762314b6 upstream.

This one will introduce a regression, which will be fixed by upstream
commit c36b58e8a9112017c2bcc322cc98e71241814303

Input: xen-kbdfront - fix mouse getting stuck after save/restore

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