Re: Acer Aspire One now hangs on reboot/shutdown

From: Peter Chubb
Date: Wed Jun 22 2011 - 19:53:10 EST

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Garrett <mjg59@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Matthew> On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 08:38:08PM +1000, Peter Chubb wrote:
>> Hi Matthew, GIT commit 660e34cebf0a11d54f2d5dd8838607452355f321
>> x86: reorder reboot method preferences causes my Acer Aspire One to
>> hang on shutdown/reboot.

Matthew> Also, shutdown? Really?

Sorry, shutdown -r (which is reboot really).

Writing the reset value `6' to the reset port 3321 in single user mode
makes the screen go blank, and the machine to become totally
unresponsive. The power light remains on. But the machine does *not*

I've put up the ACPI tables at

The relevant part of the FADT is:
[074h 0116 12] Reset Register : <Generic Address Structure>
[074h 0116 1] Space ID : 01 (SystemIO)
[075h 0117 1] Bit Width : 08
[076h 0118 1] Bit Offset : 00
[077h 0119 1] Access Width : 01
[078h 0120 8] Address : 0000000000000CF9

[080h 0128 1] Value to cause reset : 06

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT ERTOS within National ICT Australia
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