Re: [patch 00/16] CFS Bandwidth Control v7

From: Hidetoshi Seto
Date: Wed Jun 22 2011 - 06:05:55 EST

(2011/06/21 16:16), Paul Turner wrote:
> Hideotoshi, the following patches changed enough, or are new, and should be
> looked over again before I can re-add your Reviewed-by.
> [patch 04/16] sched: validate CFS quota hierarchies
> [patch 06/16] sched: add a timer to handle CFS bandwidth refresh
> [patch 07/16] sched: expire invalid runtime
> [patch 10/16] sched: throttle entities exceeding their allowed bandwidth
> [patch 15/16] sched: return unused runtime on voluntary sleep


Thank you very much again for your great work!

I'll continue my test/benchmark on this v7 for a while.
Though I believe no more bug is there, I'll let you know if there is something.

I think it's about time to have this set in upstream branch (at first, tip:sched/???).
(How about having an update with correct words (say, v7.1?) within a few days?)


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