Re: tracing kernel panics

From: Shane
Date: Sun Jun 19 2011 - 18:10:33 EST

> It seems you have bugs in your module, maybe something like freeing
> memory twice, or memory you dont own, or manipulating some data without
> taking the associated lock protecting it.
> tcp sockets are protected by RCU and various locks, getting them used
> right is not an easy task.

All very helpful comments. I'm interested in how you guys came to the
conclusion that I was doing these things wrong. Not that I don't deny
it, but I'm trying to learn the *how* of getting to the source of a
problem without asking what am I doing wrong.

For example, is there anyplace that tells how to use TCP sockets
correctly in relation to the various locks? Best I can tell, I'm doing
exactly as is in the kernel sources under /net. I'm still trying to
understand when to use a lock when manipulating data, or what type of
data needs a lock.

What scares me (because I'm spending so much time on it) is that some
of these panics seem to be coming from the VM and I may be chasing
something that is the effect rather than the cause, and therefore not
seeing/catching the real panic. Or maybe I have all the info I need,
but just confused on how to read it.
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