Re: [PATCH 05/19] OpenRISC: Build infrastructure

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Sun Jun 19 2011 - 15:00:14 EST

On Sunday 19 June 2011 13:43:31 Jonas Bonn wrote:

> +config MMU
> + bool
> + default y

You can turn all the 'bool, default y' into 'def_bool y'

> + bool
> + default y

Do you need it? If you always pass the timer frequency in the
device tree, you can skip the calibrate_delay portion of the boot
process and at the same time get a more accurate time representation.

> + bool
> + default y

Many architectures don't need this any more. Are you sure you still do?

> +choice
> + prompt "Subarchitecture"
> + default OR1K_1200
> +
> +config OR1K_1200
> + bool "OR1200"
> + help
> + Generic OpenRISC 1200 architecture
> +
> +endchoice

This seems pointless as long as there is only a single one. If you don't
plan to add a second one in the near future, just leave the menu out.


Why set CONFIG_EMBEDDED? I don't see any options depending on that being


Setting PREEMPT in the defconfig is fairly unusual.

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