missing compat-ioctl for CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS + FDGETPRM

From: Johannes Stezenbach
Date: Fri Jun 17 2011 - 05:26:05 EST


running even a simple "qemu-img create -f qcow2 some.img 1G" causes
the following in dmesg on a Linux host with linux- x86_64 kernel
and 32bit userspace:

ioctl32(qemu-img:5296): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(00005326){t:'S';sz:0} arg(7fffffff) on some.img
ioctl32(qemu-img:5296): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(801c0204){t:02;sz:28} arg(fff77350) on some.img

(The same happens when starting a qemu or kvm vm.)

ioctl 00005326 seems to be CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS,
ioctl 801c0204 is FDGETPRM. Both are used in
qemu/block/raw-posix.c in cdrom_probe_device()
and floppy_probe_device() respectively.

FWIW, I'm using qemu/kvm from Debian unstable
(qemu-0.14.0+dfsg-5.1, qemu-kvm-0.14.1+dfsg-1)

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