Please help us resolve the shutdown problem that is affecting our computers

From: Diego Viola
Date: Fri Jun 17 2011 - 01:00:19 EST


We are currently experiencing an issue that affects the shutdown process.

The problem occurs when we shutdown our machines, the system would
lock/hang during the shutdown process with a message similar to:
"Disabling IRQ #19.".

I send this email to the mailing list, hoping to get the attention of
a knowledgeable maintainer in order to fix this issue, which is
affecting not only me but many people. I already have started a thread
in bugzilla, but we haven't received many responses from developers.

The link to the bug report is:

We are able to reproduce the issue and the problem goes away on my
machine if I unload the 'e1000e' module before shutdown. This
workaround has worked for other people also, but I don't consider it
to be a real fix. There's also other people who have different
hardware and don't have this 'e1000e' module loaded at all and yet
they also experience shutdown hangs. How can this be explained?

Please help us to resolve this issue. We would happily assist in order
to test proposed patches, etc. We just want to get this problem fixed.

Diego Viola
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