Re: [PATCH 0/7] overlay filesystem: request for inclusion

From: Jordi Pujol
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 06:45:44 EST

A Dijous, 16 de juny de 2011 08:51:39, Erez Zadok va escriure:
> Unioning is a very useful feature,

like an user of union filesystem modules I completely agree with Erez opinions.

I will say that Overlayfs responds to the needs of a Live system, both for
daily operations and for making a new remaster also.

It is true that Overlayfs is a young program, and these last few days have
been found some small problems that Miklos has solved promptly.

According to developers, it is assumed that there are other issues, such as
links, or the modification of the lower branches of filesystems, etc; but they
do not appear in a Live system that has been properly prepared taking into
account those limitations, already documented.

Overlayfs now works correctly, I use it on some computers on a daily basis and
have not found any problems.

Currently I install all my Linux computers in hard drive copying a file that
contains the compressed operating system, then the computer uses an union file
system to boot; that has many advantages and some drawbacks, one of these is
that the programmer must wait for the corresponding version of the union
module while a new version of the kernel has been already released; Overlayfs
has greatly simplified source code and an average user can adapt it to a new
version making small changes.

For this type of installation no more characteristics are needed in Overlayfs,
the next step would be to include it in kernel as a staging module. This way
people will refine some details of its operation and later maybe could add some
other functionality.


Jordi Pujol

Live never ending Tale
GNU/Linux Live forever!
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