RE: [PATCH] [SCSI] LIBSAS: fix libsas link error issue

From: Jack Wang
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 00:32:11 EST

> > [Jack Wang]
> >It's the same, sas_ex_get_linkrate use DISCOVER response as linkrate.
> But the function have problem, actually, the error statement is:
> child->linkrate = min(parent_phy->linkrate, child->max_linkrate);
> its mean like this:
> child->linkrate = min(child_phy->linkrate,
> max(parent->max_linkrate,child_phy->linkrate));
> and if parent->max_linkrate(3Gbps) is less than
> the statement will be change this:
> child->linkrate = child_phy->linkrate, forget the parent linkrate.
[Jack Wang]
I don't think the statement below is error:
child->linkrate = min(parent_phy->linkrate, child->max_linkrate);

parent_phy->linkrate is came from sas_set_ex_phy which will set the linkrate
to negotiated logical linkrate. For your eg: you topo like this:

Then expander1's linkrate will set to 3G, and expander2's linkrate will set
to 6G, that is correct. But the connection rate will be 3G from hba to

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