[ANNOUNCE] Linux Security Summit 2011 Schedule

From: James Morris
Date: Wed Jun 15 2011 - 11:08:17 EST

This is to announce the program schedule for the upcoming Linux Security
Summit [1], to be held on Thursday, 8th September in Santa Clara in
conjunction with the Linux Plumbers Conference [2].

Following a round of voting by the Program Committee, the following
proposals were selected as main talks:

* "Smack is Alive and Well"
Casey Schaufler

* "MeeGo Security Update"
Ryan Ware, Intel

* "An Overview of the Linux Integrity Subsystem: Use Cases
and Demonstration"
David Safford and Mimi Zohar, IBM

* "Digital Signature support for IMA/EVM"
Dmitry Kasatkin and Ryan Ware, Intel

* "Protecting the Filesystem Integrity of a Fedora 15 Virtual
Machine from Offline Attacks using IMA/EVM"
Peter Kruus, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

* "Efficient, TPM-free system integrity checking with device
mapper: dm-verity"
Will Drewry and Mandeep Baines, Google

There will also be two in-depth roundtable discussions:

* Kernel Hardening
Lead by Kees Cook, Canonical and Will Drewry, Google

* LSM Architecture
Lead by Kees Cook, Canonical and Casey Schaufler

Full details of the program, including abstracts, may be found at:


The Linux Security Summit is open to all registered attendees of Linux
Plumbers Conference.


The Linux Security Summit for 2011 is organized by:

* James Morris, Red Hat
* Serge Hallyn, IBM
* Paul Moore, HP
* Stephen Smalley, NSA
* Joshua Brindle, Tresys
* Tetsuo Handa, NTT Data
* Herbert Xu, Red Hat
* John Johansen, Canonical
* Kees Cook, Canonical
* Casey Schaufler, Smack Project


[1] Linux Security Summit 2011

[2] Linux Plumbers Conference 2011

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