Re: [PATCH 1/2] ftrace: record command lines at more appropriate moment

From: Ian Munsie
Date: Thu Jul 29 2010 - 06:31:01 EST

Excerpts from Frederic Weisbecker's message of Thu Jul 29 11:58:34 +1000 2010:
> In fact I don't really understand what is this tp_benchmark function, when and
> where is it called?

The idea was just to replace a single tracepoint with a call to a
separate function (who's sole action was to call the tracepoint) so that
the ftrace function profiler could profile that function and provide
average timing data for the function call + tracepoint, i.e. like:

noinline void tp_benchmark(...)

Mostly just laziness on my part really.

> But anyway, I'll rather comment the idea on the patch.

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