kcryptd oops when resuming with TuxOnIce with KDB oops afterwards

From: Pedro Ribeiro
Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 21:30:44 EST

Hi all,

I hit a bug when resuming with TuxOnIce. At the middle of a resume, it
says Compress Read -22 and locks up. I caught the stack trace with kdb
and took photos of that.
I'm running 2.6.35-rc6 on a Lenovo T400. I have an encrypted LUKS
partition (aes-cbc-essiv-128) which contains an LVM2 with my root,
swap and home partitions inside.

It seems that kcryptd caused the trouble. I've had other lockups with
TuxOnIce that relate to kcryptd too, but I never caught them with kdb,

After printing the stack trace I decided to see the output of the ps
command. As I was scrolling the processes shown, kdb oops'ed and
called itself. I also took photos of that kdb's own stack trace. I
then tried the ps command again, but this time the stack trace was
looping every few seconds (I took another photo of that). After a
while it just panicked and kept calling itself on a loop. I rebooted
and was able to successfully resume the TuxOnIce image.

The stack trace means little to me, but might be helpful to you.

The photos are:
kcryptd_oops [1,2,3] - TuxOnIce compress read -22 error
kdb_oops [1,2,3,4] - KDB oopses when scrolling output of kdb ps command
kdb_blows_up - final stack trace being shown in a cycle before PANIC:
recursive entry into debugger and locking up completely

The files are in kcryptd_kdb_oopses.tar.gz (about 4.7 mb) located here
. They should stay there at least 30 days.

Sorry for the file size but they are good quality pictures.

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